Friday, January 3, 2014

Former Foster George - One Year Later

One year ago today my son and I drove an hour north of home to pick up our foster who we named George since he was located in vet up by Lake George, NY.  Our approximately 12 year old guy came to us heart worm positive and in need of a neuter due to a "squishy" prostate.  George was petrified of everything when we picked him up.  He had definitely been abused and neglected before being dumped.  Luckily the nice people at Schroon River Animal Hospital took him in and cared for him for weeks till NEBTR found out about George.  He made it through heart worm treatment & the neuter and has come so far at home. George now likes to cuddle on the couch with our other three bostons and us.  He runs towards visitors for attention instead of hiding in his crate.  George doesn't do stairs so he barks and does a low growl "talk" at me when I run upstairs to do something.  He is so funny!  George has a very wiggly hind end and wags and wiggles whenever I talk to him.  In spit of his age, George gallops around our fenced backyard like a thoroughbred horse and is always an eager, energetic walker.  We feel blessed to have our sweet, loving boy and we think he is happy to be home.  
Cindy Kaiser
Delmar, NY
pics attached-
George in his favorite spot on the coach
George's Christmas tie- he's not in love with it.
George (front) cuddled up in bed with two of his dog siblings- we have three beds in this room but this is what they always prefer to do

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