Saturday, January 25, 2014

Update on Hamilton in His Forever Home

I just received this update from Hamilton's forever home. So as not to
confuse you, Bronson is their BIG chocolate Lab that towers over Hamilton.
It sounds like Hamilton is one of the family in less than a weeks time! :)
Good Dog!

Chris Cassner
Arendtsville, PA

Good Morning Chris,
I am so proud of my chocolate luv bug. Bronzon and Hamilton are playing together. Hamilton loves the toy basket. I pick them up and he dumps it over. Hamilton goes right up to Bronzon and takes a toy out
of his mouth. Bronzon just lets him have it. Bronzon then gets another toy and Hammy tries to get that one also. So Bronzon went back to the first toy and proceeded to run with Hammy following. They are getting along fabulously. Can't wait till spring when they can play outside. Bronzon could use to lose a few pounds. He needs more exercise.

I have Hamilton eating twice a day with no stomach issues. His personality is really starting to show. He loves to cuddle. He has to take a few steps back and then run a little to jump on the furniture. He can't jump
up from a standing position. He has to launch himself up.

I can't thank you enough for bringing him to us. He is such a joy. I can't imagine why anyone would neglect such a beautiful pup. He will always have plenty of love, toys, food and a warm place to sleep
with us.


 There's a lot of love in that house and all they wanted was another Boston that would play with Bronson - looks like they found that. Congratulations, Chris, on finding the right home for Hammy and getting  him adopted through your love and caring.

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