Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Update on Maxy Moo's Surgery

  I have been waiting all day for the call from the vet which just came.
Maxy made it through his surgery just fine!
He had 28 teeth pulled - Dear Lord the poor guy.
My vet said she had never seen anything like it - he had leaves, dirt
and hair embedded in his gums causing massive infection. He was able to
keep just three teeth.
His neuter went fine as well.
I am sure the next few days will be hard for him but today begins Maxy's
life with a healthy happy mouth and body.
I am very happy for him.

Jerrilyn Walter

He is going to feel SO MUCH BETTER!!  I am so thrilled and excited for him.  I'm sure his great personality will start to shine even more now!
Feel better soo Max!!  Thanks for all you have done for hime Jerrilyn.  You are his saving angel <3 Thanks for loving him and taking care of him! You are his world!

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