Saturday, June 20, 2015

Buttons at PetAPalooza

Little Butt's injury to her foot started bleeding yesterday and, when it started again today, we made another visit to the vet this afternoon.  Little Butt's toes on her left front paw appear to be abrasions along the base of the quick, Dr Snyder cleaned the area and applied padded bandages, which we are hoping will give the foot a chance to heal.  The injury will be checked again on Monday.  Cute bandage, little paw prints.
To keep the bandage clean, I stopped and bought baby crew socks, with colors matching her new collar and harness, plus, if the ground is wet, the socks will make it easier to keep a plastic bag in place so that the bandage stays dry.
She behaved perfectly at the vet and hasn't even tried to take off the bandage or sock.  She was more interested in meeting people at the vet and exploring the office.
We are all set for PetAPalooza!

Jeanne Dross

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