Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hello From Delgado

Hello from Delgado,

He is the best dog ever! Delgado has no behavior issues that I can find other than being stubborn which is a Beagle trait. He sits when I ask him too and automatically when being offered a treat. Today, for the first time, he walked beside me rather than trying to pull me. I guess he finally figured out I have more determination than he does. I still cannot figure out if he is hard of hearing or has selective hearing. Sometimes he comes when I call him and sometimes he ignores me.

It has been very warm here so I have been letting him out of his kennel more often. There is one picture of him with his toy lamb and Baabee and Sophie are asleep on th e couch behind him. Then there is the picture of my Sadie following him to the ramp off the back deck. (She just likes to keep tabs on him). There have been absolutely no altercations and it’s like he has been here forever. On Tuesday my IG, Baabee, finally defended himself and told Delgado in no uncertain terms that he will not be dominated. Baabee is a very fearful dog, so for him to do that is a miracle. He must have sensed that Delgado is not really a dominate dog. Sadie, who is bossy anyway, put him in his place the first thing. They were chasing each other yesterday being very playful. 

All in all he will make someone a very wonderful pet. He would do well in a house with multiple dogs and children ( he has met several young kids on our walks). He loves the attention but is not an overly needy dog. He likes to sit on you lap, but also like his space sometimes. He goes in his kennel without resisting and he is completely house broken. He has not had an accident in the house since he got here. Like I said earlier….. I love this dog!

Sandy Z., Foster Mom to Delgado

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