Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Adopt WInston

Winston has been with us for two weeks, allowing us to fall head over heels for him! He has been seen by the vet, cleared, and can be planes on the available list. Below, find an updated brief write up.

Winston is a loving, happy and playful boy. He is a very young 9 years old, though you wouldn't know it with his energy! He has calmed down since we have had him and kept him on our daily routine. He loves to play with toys with us, or just lounge in the dog bed while we are around. He is very happy to go for walks, and with using a harness has improved greatly on pulling while walking! He sleeps in a small area with his dog bed, though I'm sure he'd love to sleep with you in bed! 

Winston has mild arthritis if his hip, and a small skin tumor on his leg. The tumor has been there for about 3 years, and has only gotten smaller. The vet is in agreement it's best to just watch for now as it isn't bothering him. He is up to date on all shots and heart worm. 

Winston is ready to find a forever home where he can be his playful, silly self. He will give so much love and joy to whichever family he is adopted to. 

Courtney Floyd

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