Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cooper's Journey to Adoption

These two were BFFs, very difficult to break up this love affair when Cooper went to his new home with Mary Puskar in Maryland.  The lovebirds will probably never see each other again, so sad.  Forever Abigail is the gorgeous redhead, while Cooper is the handsome gentleman in his black and white tuxedo.

Jeanne Dross aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail and foster Cooper

Cooper was transported to his new home by volunteers.

Cooper is so excited to meet his new family! They are getting a gem!


Happy boy with his furever family!!

Thanks so much for bringing him to his new family, I know he's loving all the attention for himself!  Meanwhile, Abigail has recovered from losing her buddy, sleeping peacefully at my side without any Cooper competition.

Again, thanks,

Jeanne Dross aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail

Thank you Jeanne, for everything you did for Cooper and for finding him the perfect forever family.  Thanks to Abigail, too, for sharing her home with him until he had a forever home of his own!

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