Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cappy and Boo

Cappy is a 5-6 year old BT and Boo is an 11 years old BT/Dalmatian mix. Boo is more dependent on Cappy than Cappy is on Boo but they are just adorable together. Boo needs to be where he can see Cappy at all times. They are both scheduled for surgeries this month and, hopefully, will be ready for adoption around april 1st. The picture of them under my desk is where they like to be whenever I am in my computer. They play very well with my other dogs which consists of a GSD (9 mos.), a Siberian Husky (12 yrs. Old) and an Italian Greyhound (10years old). They are super sweet, cuddly little boys.

 The last one includes my GSD, Jaxx, getting in on the play action. They are all good buds.

 Sandy Z, Foster Mom to Cappy & Boo

Oh my gosh are those 3 not the cutest dogs ever???  Love it!!

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