Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mimi In Her Forever Home

7 weeks and Mimi is a most amazing dog.  She does new things all the time. She was unbelievable on the trip to FL.  She walked everywhere except for the sidewalks, but she walked on ours when we got home.  She was a marvelous traveler. At each new place we went, she methodically scoped it out and when she felt she had it mastered, she strolled around the place like she had done it all her life.  She climbed the 25 steps up at my son's beach house. Of course we had to carry her down but we just couldn't believe how she went up the very first time we went there.  The first night at the motel she went nuts sniffing as if to say what have you done with my sheets.  She was the star of the show and made so many new friends.  She was sick one day because while we were gone she was busy strewing our dirty laundry over the house and managed to jump up and dump her bag on the floor.  She chewed thru 2 bags of treats and had them all over the place.The 3rd bag she hid so neatly in one of her blankets.  So she had too many and had diarrhea and threw up the next day.  We now have to put things up really high.  Because of the sidewalks and concrete, we had to carry her to the grass and then she went everywhere. People could not believe she was blind and how much energy she had and how sweet and loving.  We bought her new ball and she loves it and plays with all her toys.  She has figured out how to make all of them squeak and sing.  Every morning she wakes us up with a kiss.  What a great way to wake up every morning.  She only had 3 accidents the first 2 weeks and nothing since.  No accidents on the trip anywhere.  Just wish we could figure out the problem with concrete as she does it at home.  Her ear infection is cleared up and she goes back March 15th to be sure.  She weighs 21.4 lbs so we have cut back on food a bit as the vet wants her around 20-21 so she can't gain anymore.  She sleeps between us.  We absolutely adore her and take her with us everywhere we can.

Thank you so much for bringing Mimi into our lives.  To think we almost missed this experience because we were afraid we wouldn't do right by a blind dog. We are so grateful to Patti who answered our questions and gave her such a great start. Thank you Denice for your patience with us. We will never forget both of you.  

LaDon Page-White

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