Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fundraising Opportunities You Can Do


1.     Amazon Smile – This is a part of amazon, with all of the normal features, that lets you support NEBTR every time you shop. It costs you NOTHING, all you have to do is shop through the link and pick NEBTR as your charity. You will see all of the same items available, nothing is different for you, but amazon donates a portion of purchases to NEBTR.
2.     Yankee Candle – Shop through and enter our number 990080707 in the start shopping box; every purchase you make gives NEBTR a 40% donation!
3.     NomNom Gourmet Popcorn –popcorn! Use this link to shop
4.     Shine for dogs LED collars & leashes – link NEBTR will get $10 for every purchase made!
5.     Benefit wines – Use this link to order and instantly support NEBTR:
6.     iGive – can be used at over 1,700 online stores. register, and select NEBTR and shop!
7.     Zazzle store – Every purchase gives us commission. Http://
8.     NEBTR online store – lots of options that all give back to NEBTR. Http://
Cash Donations

1.     Paypal – donate anytime by sending money to
2.     Corporate and Matching Gits – ask your company if they match donations, then donate away!
3.     Virtual Fostering – pick one foster and donate money to their care.
4.     NEBTR Vetting Page – donate money to cover vet bills


1.     M+ - this is a phone app that gives you points just for using your phone. : or
2.     Wooftrax – this is anther phone app that you use when you walk. Turn it on and it will give NEBTR money for the distance you walk!

Courtney and Ryan

Courtney and Ryan

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