Monday, December 12, 2016

Jules Two Weeks Later

It's been two weeks since we got this little cutie pie. We took him to the vets today to get a second shot of antibiotics to help with his skin infection. The very good news is that he has gained approximately 2 pounds in the two weeks we have had him!  It made Ken and I feel so great that when we brought him into the office a lot of the staff were absolutely shocked to see him and the remarked on the change in his countenance and how everything about him has improved much.   Jules is really such a sweetheart that many people in the waiting room were asking about him and commenting on him because of his cute coat with his name embroidered on it that we had on him.  All of this gives us great opportunities to sing the praises of NEBTR!

Ken and Karen

It's an amazing transformation in two weeks and Karen and Ken have given Jules their all.
I think you will feel as proud as I with what we can do for our dogs.


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