Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ponch, Now Gus, In His Forever Home

Hi! I thought I'd send you a Gus update! He's doing very well and has totally settled in with us. No more crate, no separation anxiety, just a happy pup.  We've had a couple sessions with a trainer and are doing well managing his meetings with other dogs.  He likes his space. He still loves his car rides, and his long walks around Burlington.  We switched his food and he's doing much better digesting it.  We love having him in our family!

We noticed 3 weeks ago that he had been losing a lot of weight, despite eating the same amount of a high quality food.  We've had a stressful go of it with three rounds of tests at the Vet this month.  The good news is today we found out that it's due to a manageable condition called Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency, which can be managed with supplements.  We have a great vet and are working with him to get him back to a healthy weight.  The good news is that his energy level is back to normal and he seems like his old self again.

We just thought you would want to know.  He just ate a big meal and is lounging on the couch happy as a clam!  We will, I just was waiting until we had  some concrete information to share.  We're really relieved to know what the problem is and to have a plan to manage it.  Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

Gus's Forever Mom

To his former foster mom Christine:  

"You hold a special place in my heart because you took Ponch despite his tough description.
You saved him Christine. Thank you!
He fits in perfectly in Vermont!"


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