Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shamus Goes to His Forever Home

Shamus, our Beagle/Boston mix foster went to his new home with Jill Nailon in Wildwood NJ. She has adopted from us twice before. He has 2 boston fur siblings and kittie cat siblings.

Here is what his new mommy wrote:

"He’s taken to seashore life like a natural, with us being home all the time he’s in heaven. His personality is starting to bloom, he’s finding his confidence and getting more active. He is very funny! He’s doing great here, you’d be very pleased. Yesterday he and Duncan were playing “chase” back and forth between living room to kitchen, down on their front feet bums in the air and tails wagging madly and then one taking off after the other – and he was the instigator! He’s shown a definite liking for rawhide chewies and almost chased a squeaky ball the other we may get him exercising yet.

Chloe the Angora kitty has graduated to sleeping ON him and he happily permits it. She also sandwiches herself between Shamus and myself under the covers in bed at night and he seems to find this an agreeable arrangement as well. Daisy and Sonny have thoroughly accepted him too, which in Sonny’s case is saying a lot as Shamus has basically taken over Sonny’s traditional sleeping spot. Gradually Shamus is moving down a bit on the bed and then there will be room for Sonny once again on “his personal pillow.” For now he’s decamped to the living room to sleep in his second favourite spot and just visits often throughout the night, staying for longer and longer periods of time. Daisy is my son Connor’s cat, so she’s always slept with him. She makes the odd flying visit now and then and she’s off again. Tuppence and Duncan have taken to Shamus as if he’s always been here, they are all now absolutely at ease with each other. Connor and I are so grateful to have found Shamus! He’s just a sweetie and has basically trained himself. Lisa, I kid you not! From day 2 with us, he’s gone potty without any problem, does his #2’s in the side yard (as we only pee out front, all other business is around the side). He goes immediately and then if you ask him if he’s done, he’s practically trotting back to the house for his treat (“liva snaps”). He’s better trained than Duncan...I just wish some would rub off!! LOL Tonight he actually went to bed all by himself! He’s in there now, hogging the comforter with Tuppence – they build matching “nests” out of the bedding, which I have to dismantle in order to tuck us all in. And, they look so pitiful when I make them move, LOL. "

Allentown PA
Mommy to Hooch, Pebbles, Cleveland, Penny, Foster Goober, Foster Bowser and Tootie the cat

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