Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Norman!

Today is our Normie Boy’s 2nd Gotcha Day. Two years ago today Sayre met me at McDonald’s in Lancaster County with my very first Boston foster. After being in foster care for several months, he was adopted to a family who returned him 4 days later. We anxiously drove to Harrisburg to get him back. Typically very nervous in the car, Norman curled up on my lap that ride home. I knew at that moment he wasn’t going anywhere. I could write a novel of all the hysterical stories we have had with this boy. He’s 11 ½ now, has poor vision and occasional incontinence issues, but is still very active, crazy as ever about his bouncy balls, and snuggles up with me in bed every night.

Happy Gotcha Day, Norman!!

-- Amy Jansky

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