Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bailey Joy is Adopted

Bailey Joy, now Hailey Joy, was adopted recently.  She will have the life, and still get all the medical attention she will need. Her new Mom is a vet tech for a Veterinary orthopedic surgeon and is very close to a Physical therapy center and will still get the acupuncture that has been helping her. Lucky little Girl... Of course I am very sad to see her go. Would have loved to call her my own but this is such a better situation for her. And for those who got to meet her... Look how she has grown..
Saugerties NY
 And special thanks to Elly for taking care of this precious angel and for finding her the family that will take care of all her needs.  Elly truly gave this baby the start she needed to develop as much as she will be able to.  We know it was hard handing her to another family, but it was certainly a labor of love.   Because of the chip in funds, she will be able to go for hydrotherapy and for all the other care she will need.  This will make a big difference to Hailey Joy, and thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Heather writes:

I can't express my gratitude.  She's sleeping on my lap right now.  She slept with us in the bed last night :)  And by us I mean in between my husband and I so we knew where she was all night and with the other 3 bostons and the 3 legged cat as well.  She went right under the covers and I think she knew if she didn't make a peep she could stay.  She is going to get an exam this week to start her up on her vaccines and check a fecal, she starts physical therapy this week also and they will recommend an acupuncturist place right away.

 Thank you, Heather and Hailey

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