Monday, February 4, 2013

Update on Bruiser/Gizmo

Once again I wish to thank everyone that made Bruiser now Gizmo's arrival possible. He is progressing rapidly. Paper work indicated not housebroken but he has not had one accident. He has graduated from his giant crate to joining the pack. He is eliminating his whip and hook worms, sleeping soundly in his night night crate by mama's bed and gaining weight before his neutering, dental and shots next week. He is incredibly sweet! He needs some basic manners. For now his health and feeling secure comes first. Once recovered from surgery we will get busy training this precious little boy. He is an awesome new addition to our family! This Boglin - Beagle/Boston Mix howl's and tracks the ground like a beagle but snores and cuddles like a boston. Click on photos check out our album and Gizmo says, "thanks bunches"!

Newington, CT

Most of all, thank you Maria for all that you are doing for this boy, and for all the love you are showering him with!

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Marcus said...

What a cool looking dog. Is he a boston mix? I had a foster once that looked very similar. I love your blog too.