Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jinx Has His Home

Hello everyone,
Just want to let you know we have decided to keep our foster, Jinx. I know
it doesn't set the best precedent, keeping your first foster, but I had
tried to contact a couple of potential families with no success and then we
lost our old man beagle. He was a bit stubborn and 13 and Jinx is a bit
stubborn and 11 so he fills the hole left by Vance nicely. I think he knew
the check was in the mail, too, as he immediately started pottying in the
house again :-) But truthfully, we are so lucky to have him and so
thankful to Robin for saying he might "already be home". Thank you so much!

Congratulations, Strausie, you are an official foster failure.  Having met you, I know you and your husband will provide a wonderful home for Jinx.

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