Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Monica, now Eva, is Saved





Monica was found as a stray in Brooklyn, NY. She recently had puppies as she was lactating although no one knows what happened to her babies. Perhaps she was roaming the streets looking for them. She was kept in the animal control and they set a date and time for her to be pts. Many people on the internet posted about her, but no one was able to pull or foster her. Finally, NEBTR heard about her and although the group is a Boston Terrier Rescue, we could not let Monica die. At the 11th hour, literally at the last minute, Monica was saved by NEBTR.

Through a miracle, she is now safe with NEBTR, although she is not an official NEBTR foster dog as she is a pit bull.  NEBTR will assist with her care and with finding her a forever home.   She has been given a second chance at life, and this beautiful girl deserves that!






She has been staying with Lisa Vaughan, who writes:

“Monica, now Eva is settling nicely. She’s basically a 70 lb sweet lovebug puppy. She’s playful, loves fetch. Knows sit, paw, and drop it all on her teaching, so I’m sure she learned that somewhere. She loves to cuddle. loves to go on walks. likes to give soft kisses. Very submissive. Loves people. Overall she’s pretty awesome!

She’s very well behaved. Doing awesome with her potty training. She isn’t a fan of me leaving...but she’s getting better. She has a vet appointment tomorrow so fingers crossed its only minor stuff .”


If you would like to contribute to help save Monica, we have set up a separate site here.  Just click to donate.

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