Thursday, June 20, 2013

More on Foster Porter





We have come pretty far in almost a month. Porter has not been very socialized and does not get along with other dogs. I've been working so hard with him and getting him to play nice with my Lola. Here is a video of some morning playtime AND a photo where they chose to lay next to one another in the sun today.
We are getting there... sister-in-law had an Origami Owl jewelry party at our home last night. We had a dozen ladies over and about just as many kids, ages 5 to 10!
Porter got a very nice brushing and some blueberry cologne in preparation for his big night. He greeted everyone at the door. He worked his way around the table and sat in almost everyone's lap. He sat and was petted and kissed by all the kids. There was no aggression or nervousness. When they started making too much noise, Porter simply went upstairs and either laid in Lola's bed or ours. He would come down and check in from time to time.
I am so proud of him!!!



Jennifer Hanly


Great job with him Jenn!  Keep up the good work!  Love the pic and video, thanks for sharing.

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