Friday, November 8, 2013

5 Historical Facts about Boston Terriers - Fact # 1

Brought to you by Animal Planet, we bring you fact #1 about the historical origin of the Boston Terrier

Fact #1 

Some Boast a Haggerty Spot

A circle of dark hair on top of the Boston's head (smack dab in the middle) is 
known as a Haggerty dot, spot or star, depending on who you ask. We just call 
it cute! Dogs with this special marking are descendents of one of the original 
lines of Boston terriers owned by the Haggerty family in the early 1900s, 
according to the Boston Terrier Club of America. Highly respected Boston 
terrier breeder and judge Vincent Perry called this mark "the kiss of God" 
and considered it a lovely addition to a dog's perfect markings.
Coat colors and markings are a big deal in purebred circles. Each club's 
written standard details what's acceptable and what's not. For example, 
the Boston terrier's ultra-short coat is only permissible in three colors -- 
brindle, black or seal, which appears black but when viewed in bright light 
has a red hue. These colors are then complemented by a splash of white 
on the muzzle, chest and between the eyes. It's also OK if the back lower 
legs and front legs (in full or part) are white.

Image Credit: GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images | Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS | Don Mason/Corbis | JupiterImages/Thinkstock | DLILLC/Corbis | Bloomimage/Corbis

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