Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bryant has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge

It is with a sad heart, that I must tell you that Bryant had to be put to sleep on Sunday. With Cushings Disease and an elongated palate he fought an admirable fight. Something terrible happened to him during the night and even the folks at the emergency vet could not make him better. He was all snuggy in a soft blanket and I was kissing on him(which he secretly liked), when he approached the bridge. I'll miss him.

Dawn Stone

Goodbye Bryant - run free... You took such good care of him, I'm sure he knew you were there. Thanks for all that you and his previous foster mom Linda Brennan did for him. 

We know how sad you are but we also know that Bryant was loved for the last part of his life, and he knew this, so that all your sacrifices and care for him were appreciated, not only by us, but certainly by Bryant.

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