Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! CAYO & LIL MEME!

Our dream is to be able to find these spunky boys a loving home that will take them together! 

They are peanut butter and jelly! Spaghetti and meatballs! Pork and beans!

Here's a little about them separately, and some pictures of them together. (Lil Meme is the fluffy-face!)

If you think yours might be Cayo and Lil Meme's "furever home," please fill out an application on our website and send us a message on Facebook!

Cayo is a gentle giant. He is 4-years-old, the biggest Boston his foster mama has ever seen and one of the most handsome too! Cayo has the most expressive eyes and will melt your heart with them. He loves a good long game of fetch with his tennis ball or any for that matter. This big boy loves to be petted and cuddled. He often sleeps right on you or you will catch him on his back all four paws up in the air. While his foster mama makes dinner, he will sit pressed up against her legs or sits on a foot. He is a very loyal and loving boy and wants to be with you and he will whine a little if you are out of sight. Not a barker, even when a person walks by with or without a dog. He is great on a harness and leash for walks. Cayo is extremely gentle when taking anything from you. He gets along with other dogs perfectly. Cayo is a big clown and entertainer, and often does silly acrobatics on the couch! He also is excellent with young children. Extremely curious of cats so may be best at a home with no cats. He is not currently neutered but we are working on getting that done before adoption. He was extremely loved by his family and his foster family is in love with him too. 

Lil Meme is a true Boston Terrier at heart and the cutest mix ever. This little man is a little firecracker and sweet at the same time. Lil Meme is a very sweet boy who loves attention, cuddling and being held. He is calm and loves to be with people. His foster mama often finds him sitting between her feet while preparing dinner. He is wonderful with other dogs but will let them know to back off if they are being too rough with him. He is terrific with young children. Meme is a little curious of cats and might chase them. He is good on walks with harness, but does not care for collars. He does show a little fear of loud noises. He is not currently neutered but we are working on getting that done before adoption. Lil Meme would be a great addition to any family.


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