Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dodger is Adopted!

Hello to our Virtual Foster Guardians and Angels of our boy Dodger;

I’m reaching out to all of Dodger’s Virtual Foster sponsors, who have signed up in support of Dodger. We have terrific news - his family has decided that they want to work with him forever - so they have recently adopted him! This is better news than we could ever have expected. It is not often that someone opens their heart and home to a disabled dog in support of giving them a forever life.

We are so pleased for Dodger. It has been because of your sponsorship that we have been able to support him in his care up until his adoption!

A special Thank You to Sara Puskar, Dawn Rodriguez, Walter Williams and Jeff Chance for supporting our boy while in foster care and we thank you for your generosity and support to Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue.

Dodger and his sister cuddling…..

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