Sunday, April 20, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! WADE

Wade is a lovely older gent with a personality sweet as pie. He cuddles with the dogs and the kitties, and lets foster brother Louie lick his face as much as he likes. 

He enjoys long naps, short naps, and being in a warm lap, but is also quite content to travel in the car, go on any and all errands, and entertain children with his longer than usual waggy tail. He LOVE kids! I imagine Wade's ideal home would be with someone who is retired and has plenty of time to spend snuggling him, but also has grandkids to come keep life interesting for him. He loves attention, and needs zero warm up time for cuddling and petting action. 

Wade is an easy-going guy in his golden years who melts hearts wherever he goes, and just needs needs a warm bed to spend the rest of his days lounging about in and eating treats. 

Wade does have a bit of crate anxiety/separation anxiety he is working on, and is improving, but would be best suited to to a home where he Is not left alone. 

Fun Fact: He would be a fabulous shop or office greeter!

If you think yours might be Wade's "furever home," please fill out an adoption application here!

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