Sunday, June 15, 2014

Puka, Now Lilly Luna, Has a Forever Home

And I know she's very happy that Ryley is there to welcome and love her.  She is getting lots of love and welcoming with her new family, and it's a weight lifted from my shoulders already.  I wish them all a whole lifetime of love and happiness! 

 Denice, Jackson, NJ

 Aww! Yay Puka, looks like they love her already! :)
Those kids look absolutely ecstatic!!! Good luck Puka!!!

Here are some photos of Puka on her transport:

Oh my sweet girl!  Thank you thank you thank you,,,  Denice
Thanks to all who helped get Puka to her forever family, and most of all, thanks to Denice for loving her and taking such good care of her!

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