Friday, November 14, 2014

Frodo the Boston Terrier is Adopted

Frodo may be a choco lab/pit mix but as of now he is a boston terrier and he will be joining the Pastuszak Family as a permanent member. I placed an ad in my local paper and when the family read the ad I actually had tears from my 6ft 240 pound husband. I told my hubby he's not a boston. My husband replied with, he is now! He is the most gentle loving dog that has ever entered our door. Good with kids, cats, dogs and gentle as a lamb. He and my Gizmo aka Gizzard played like besties from day one. He is recovery from his illnesses, he's a keeper for sure!


Well that's fantastic, Maria!
Congratulations on the new family member!  :)

Chris Cassner

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