Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bella Sends Huge Thanks to Vince Camisa

Bella received piles of gifts from Vance Camisa, everything on her wish list, including a Vari-Kennel, bed, blanket, and harness and a special gift of healthy dog treats that we didn't even request.  Bella quickly moved into her new home, once the bed and blanket were in place, a nice quiet space for her to recover from her surgery.  Moved things about to get everything the way she wanted and is now sleeping peacefully, allowing Abigail to reclaim her blankets and her favorite spot on the couch, at least for a few minutes.  Much to my surprise, Abigail didn't even try to lay claim to Bella's new possessions.

What a kind and generous gift from the Camisa family, NEBTR members and supporters have been so supportive and generous to my little waif.

Thank you so much,
Jeanne Dross and Bella

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