Thursday, March 5, 2015

Richard/Poppi Pupdate

It's been awhile since I've posted a Richard update. Richard came from 
a vet, so I had the luxury of waiting until his next booster shot to 
schedule his vetting appointment. That appointment was today.

When Richard first came to NEBTR he had been diagnosed with a heart 
murmur, and mild eye entropion. Today my vet couldn't detect a heart 
murmur and his eye entropion is gone due to the growth of his face. :)

Richard does have one small problem. His right eye is smaller than his 
left eye, and the vet feels that he has limited vision out of it. The 
eye is not diseased, and it doesn't cause pain for Richard, it's just a 
birth defect. So it seems Richard will always have a goofie right eye, 
but I think it gives him character. He was a very good boy during his 
vet appointment, and a the staff fell in love with him.

Richard is scheduled for adoption on March 16th. His new name will be 
Poppi (Pop - E). He will have a home with a dog, 2 children (12 and 16 
yrs), a big fenced yard, and a mom who stays at home. I'm really happy 
to have found this perfect setting for Richard, oppps I mean, Poppi.

Richard knows to come to to his new name. He is puppy pad trained, and 
he knows "sit." I'm very proud of him. :)

Chris & Richard

Thank you Chris, for all you did for Poppi to get to his forever home!

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