Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Foster Peter

Peter is new to NEBTR. We picked him up from the Ephrata area yesterday.
His past is sketchy his age is unknown. It's clear that where ever he
was in his past, he was not loved. Every hand gesture generates a
cringe from this little man. He delights at being petted, and belly
rubs are to die for. He's learning what it means to be a lap dog.
He's not shown one ounce of agression while being handled , bathed , or
during his house training. He's wants to chase anything that moves in
the yard, but when balls are thrown for him, he ducks for cover. Poor
guy never had anyone play with him before now. He's not used to a
leash, but seemed used to being on a tether outside. You can see where
his collar has worn away the fur around his neck, from years of constant
He is going to be a most wonderful companion to someone. :) His life
just improved 100%

Chris Cassner

He's a cutie!  Thanks for taking him in, he's a lucky guy now. - Cindy

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Unknown said...

Peter is such a cutie! I have 2 BT's, Mustang Sally & Pistol Pete. Pete was a rescue from a puppy mill in Arkansas. When he rescued me, he was 7 months old & had never been out of his crate.I've had him over 2 Years now & he's a new man. I couldn't evev put a leash or collar on him once I got him healthy. Now he runs on the beach, travels with me & Sally and is the most loving dog I've ever known. I wish I could take Peter, but we are just not in the position to give him the stability and attention he needs. In the middle of a life and living change or I'd love to have him as I know the patience and understanding he needs. Wish you well Peter. :-)