Friday, July 24, 2015

Guinness Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Our deepest sympathy to Chris Schezzini on her loss of former foster Guinness.  After being fostered by her, Guinness lived the rest of his life being loved by Chris and family.

Chris writes,

"It was just a few hours ago I took these pics of my Guinness, and he jumped off the couch played w the cat( like he always did , )and played w Louie a little bit
We were watching tv
He went into the next living room and passed away
My heart is broken that I wasn't wiyh him,
I knew he has been very sick , but he loved life, and he never gave up , maybe he threw a seizure and I wasn't in their to help him through heart is very heavy tonite as I type this
He was seriously my best Boston terrier ever
He was my rescue , he was my big lug
Guinness mommy is so sorry I wasn't in there w you
Maybe I could of saved you
I'll never forgive myself
My heart is crushed, I will have a rough time getting over this, I love you my Guinness
Your mommy,"

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