Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ikie is Adopted

As you know, Ikie was our first foster and we immediately fell in love with the little one-eyed cutie as did our own 4 dogs! We happily announce that he has been adopted by a kind, loving, retired couple in Pennsylvania with three brothers for him (and 12 chickens)! He is doing wonderfully and we couldn't be happier. We were blessed to be part of his rescue and transformation. Attached are a few pictures of Ikie with our pack, with us his last day, with his new mom as they were leaving and with some of his new brothers! Looking forward to our next opportunity in a month or so when I have recuperated from shoulder surgery!

Karen Humby

This is great news!!  Congrats to you, Ike & his new family!!!  I am soooooo happy when a great old boy like Ikie finds happiness in what seems like his perfect place!  Great job Karen!

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