Saturday, November 21, 2015

In Memory of Maxy Moo

This week we lost our beloved Maxy. I am having trouble finding the words to describe how much I loved this boy. Maxy was a fragile soul whose desire to be loved was revealed in his eyes every day. It has been my great honor to care for him and to share him with the world. I truly think he knew he was loved by each and every one of you. It is what kept him going for so long. Thank you all for loving him

16 years on Earth, 2 years in my home, forever in my heart

Jerrilyn, Maxy's Foster Mom

Beautiful tribute Jerrilyn, one of my favorite songs, one of my favorite dogs. This is heart wrenching. I forgot what Maxy looked like when he first came in, and it is clear to see the spark you put back into his eyes. My God, he just looked like he wanted to go, but he found you and your family and decided there was more time he had left to live In your loving arms. I know he is truly grateful to you Jerrilyn, for giving him the best last years of his life. Be assured he is looking down from heaven with much love for you and your family. Thank you making an old dog love again. - Stacie

There are no words that could adequately express my sadness.
The tears are streaming down my face. Thank you for  sharing
him with us. You gave him the very best years of his life. God
knew what he was doing, when he chose you to be his angel.

Oh, Jerrilyn, my heart is crying for you and with you.  I had come to love maxy Mooo as so many of us did.  He came such a long way with your love and care for him.  There is something about these special ones that steal our hearts. He knew so much love withyou and he is now running free at the Bridge.  Go play with the angels Maxy.    - Joan

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