Monday, January 11, 2016

New Foster Cooper

Cooper arrived Saturday morning as a new foster, he is a sweet, gentle soul and soooo handsome. Although five, he looks and acts like a one year old.  His owner took incredible care of him, it was a pleasure to find him in perfect health, very well cared for, and much loved.  Cooper is a clever boy, he observes carefully, quickly picking up the rhythm and patterns of the house.  Very loving, he is a major snuggler, especially loves sleeping under the electric blanket with me, the closer the better, and is usually at my side, with Abigail his second choice if he can't be sitting next to me.

The picture is of Cooper with my redhead Abigail, kind of a Johnnie Walker pair.
Jeanne Dross aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail and foster Cooper

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