Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cappy and Boo are two brothers who found their way to NEBTR when their former owner lost his house. Sandy Z very generously opened her heart and home to them, and this is her report of her first week with these two adorable boys.

What a difference a week makes!!! Cappy, the Boston Terrier, & Boo, the Boston/Dalmation mix, came to me on Feb. 24th, 2016. Both were fearful, shaking and afraid little boys. Today they are confident, cheerful, happy, tail wagging, cuddly little creatures and I am in love.

Both boys had to be rushed to the Vet on Monday for eye issues and were very well behaved the entire time. They let Dr. Joe examine them up close and never resisted. The staff at Marcy Vet Clinic fell in love with both of them. The issues with the eyes were not serious but needed attention. Both have to get ointment 2 X’s a day. Boo has Red Eye which, I guess, happens frequently in Dalmatian mixes. It may never go away but at least we can make him more comfortable. Cappy had a swollen lower lid on left eye, but within the past 2 days, it has gotten much better.

Both are scheduled for surgery / procedures the middle of the month. They should be ready for adoption by the 1st of April if all goes well. They are integrating themselves into my pack of fur babies and are getting along just fine. Cappy just loves to play with Jaxx (GSD puppy) and about twice a day they get “the crazies” and just run through the house chasing each other. Cappy loves to suckle and has found several stuffed toys to do that with. He always has one in his mouth. I have not discovered what Boo likes to play with yet. Boo is more dependent on Cappy than Cappy is on Boo. I only started letting them co-mingle yesterday for a couple of hours but I plan on letting them stay out most of today. Right now both boys are curled up at my feet as I am typing this and Jaxx is behind me. I find this all very amazing and it inspires me to keep going.

When we got home from the Vet on Monday, Boo had wriggled himself out of his halter and managed to get by me when I opened the car door. I, of course started to panic. No problem, I got Cappy out on the leash and called Boo as I was going up the steps and he followed us right into the house.  I think he knows he is in a safe place.

Sandy Z, Foster Mom to Cappy and Boo

This is such a happy story, at first it brought a tear to my eyes when I read that once they were fearful, shaking little boys.THEN you helped them become happy and confident. I love when they have the zoomies or when they do the Boston 500!

Thank you, Sandy for fostering and caring for these sweet boys!


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