Saturday, March 9, 2013

More on George

Hi everyone. Because there ha s been dome interest in George thought that I would give a few details about him even though he will not be ready for adoption for a bit. George was dumped on an exit ramp of i87 in December. A very nice vet clinic took him in and started blood tests and vaccines. They found out that he is heart worm positive.

Members of NEBTR found out about George and I picked him up and brought him home on New Year's Eve. George is an unneutered 11 to 12 year old male. He's almost 20 lbs but could stand to gain a couple pounds. He is currently being treated for heart worm and is doing well. When treatment ends, George will need dental work too. He is very sweet but extremely timid. I will give more info when George is ready for adoption.

Cynthia Kaiser

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