Monday, March 4, 2013

Senior Rocky is Adopted

I just wanted to share the great news with the whole group! My senior foster Rocky was adopted by the wonderful Hobbs couple.  Tom & Ursula spoil their dogs rotten! Their home is completely dog centric. They have only adopted from rescues for the last 25+ years. Moreover, Tom takes the dogs with him to work! When I brought Rocky to them, I even went to his work first so he could show it to me and Rocky and let us meet some of the staff, especially his "work wife" Nina who spends a lot of time with the dogs and looks after them in the office! They're all excited about Rocky joining the pack. Tom and Ursula also gave a generous donation over and above the $100 adoption donation. They are really great, committed people, and I know they are going to take excellent care of Rocky and love him to pieces!

--Sandee Herrington

Thank you for all that you did for Rocky, Sandee!  You certainly found him the perfect forever home.  We are so happy things worked out so well for Rocky.  He has come a long way since he's been in your care and we have no doubt the Hobbses will pick up where you left off. 

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