Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Foster, Stewart Leggington III (Stewie)

Meet new foster Stewie or Stewart Leggington III. A long story short, some very generous people in NYC took in a 3 legged pup from a breeder. His leg was previously amputated. The amputation was not done correctly and part of the bone needed to be removed. The nice people spent $5,000 and a lot of time driving back and forth to Cornell vet in Stamford CT getting him the surgery he needed plus neutering. They also drove him all the way to his foster mom! Here is what the surrendering owners had to say:

"Although, we may want to change his name to Rolex -- cause the surgery cost as much as one. Normally -- we wouldn't swallow a 5K surgery, but I just changed jobs my signing bonus was almost the exact cost of Stewie's surgery. A type of financial balancing by the universe. You guys are the true heros in this. Having a three legged puppy that just had surgery in the same apt as my frenchie is emotionally draining. They morphed into fighting 2 year olds -- fighting for attention, toys and food. If it wasn't for orgs like yours, I don't know what I would do. So a huge thank you." They are some awesome people!!!!

And a super big Thanks to the compassionate family that helped Stewie, their generosity of love, care and the signing bonus are a wonderful example.  I do not know their name, but I admire their hearts.

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Stewart Leggington said...

Stewballs is the cutest puppy ever. I hope he finds his forever home soon.