Monday, September 30, 2013

More on Snorky



Snorky has been with us now a little over a week and is doing great.  He has exceeded all expectations thus far.  His potty training is coming along nicely.  He has only had one accident and that was during the first couple of days here.  We have started leaving him out of his crate unsupervised for short periods and he is behaving himself very well. 

Snorky enjoys playing in the back yard.  He will play fetch as long as he can get someone to throw his ball for him.  We discovered that he likes to play in the water too. He loves people and wants to be close all the time whether it is playing with toys or just napping.  He has now met everyone in the family and gets along well with his foster sisters.  The introductions went much better than I expected.  We started very slowly with just one dog at the time.  They all act as if they have been together forever. He has made himself right at home and we enjoy having him as part of our family.
More to come later.
Robin Carroll

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