Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome Orville

Welcome Orville! Orville was brought to the (Chambersburg PA) shelter as a stray.  He was not neutered and has cherry eye.  He got neutered before we picked him up last week and is scheduled for his eye surgery soon.  This is a sweet little guy with lots of spunk!  He is very eager to meet people and dogs alike and he does a lot of jumping, we're working on that!   Once he calms down though, he is happy to get a belly rub or just a cuddle.  He is also submissive with other dogs so he'd probably be good in a household with other furry friends. After his surgery is done I'll get some better photos and work on a video of him so stay tuned...

Jane Orlando

 He is so handsome, Jane.  Thank you for giving him his new start to life!

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