Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Skipper Goes to the Rainbow Bridge


This is a very sad communication that I am making--Skipper, 14 years old--I have had him since 2008--has "gone to sleep".  The Vet ask about his quality of life and I had to be honest--he has lost hearing and some sight--he hated the snow and ice and had refused to go outside or get in my car--so-on Saturday, March 22, 2014, I had to make the decision and for him as well as for me, I had to make it.  I miss him, but I know that these years have been good to him and very good for me.  He has many friends here at the condo, two of them were with me to say goodby.  He will be cremated and I have arranged to have him barried with me--when the time comes.

Agnes Busch

I received this very sad email today.  Skipper was pulled from a pound on DE in 2008.  We guessed he was 8 or so.  I was lucky enough to foster this sweet guy.  Skipper had a huge perianal hernia that my vet thought was too risky to repair.  Agnes had it repaired at Cornell.  Skipper lived the great life with Agnes in the Hamptons.  One of my most proud adoptions ever.
That is so sad... But so sweet that Agnes and skipper had each other. Frolic with the squirrels in heaven, little buddy.  Katherine

This is an incredible story. She will be buried with his ashes, what a great life she gave him and what a good foster home you found him, Joy. RIP, Skipper.  Stacie.

This made me tear up.  So sad & beautiful at the same time. Skipper was a very lucky boy.
Melanie Stein  ♥all you need is love and a dog♥

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Unknown said...

Yes. Love and a dog make life sweet. So grateful to kind-hearted folks like you.