Sunday, March 23, 2014

Update on Sumo J. Huxley: Mr. Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Sumo J. Huxley: Mr. Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Sumo came into our lives in January of 2010, with all of the charm and charisma his legs could carry. Seeing his profile picture sealed the deal: His little face and large brown eyes worked their magic on us. He was the one. It was an instant connection.

This ability to melt your heart is quite a talent – and Sumo does not use it sparingly. His walks consist of meeting and greeting just about every pedestrian on the street. Making eye contact with Sumo will instantly make you stop and smile. We'll admit it, he loves the attention and wants to tag along whenever we head out the door. He is welcome at the laundromat, local shops, and even at our neighborhood bars. 

When not by our side, the first thing people ask is not how we are, but where's Sumo. People just can't get enough of our guy, Sumo. And we understand why. He is a classic Boston Terrier, a gentleman who burps. A comic with a heart. 

Sumo loves to play, have treats and snuggle. He even loves car rides with his grammy. 
Melissa Mintz 

We love to read updates like this on our NEBTRs!!

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