Friday, April 11, 2014

Former Foster Bruno Update

Bruno's Forever Mom sent me two photos of him and an update.
It's so nice to know he has such a wonderful home.  :)
Chris Cassner
Arendtsville, PA

Happy Spring.  I hope you made it through the polar vortex!  I just wanted to let you know that Bruno is doing great.  He's a real pal.  I've been working from home a lot these days and he makes a great companion for the work day.  He mostly sleeps by my desk until we go for our walks.
He sometimes goes after certain dogs in a dog park but I'm working on that.  Actually I'm considering having a trainer help me with that.  Other than that, he's great, a really good match for me. 
The first photo is how Bruno spends most of his day when I work from home. He sleeps right next to my desk. The second is him as co pilot, we were going hiking. He's not so much a hiker - he's more of a sniffer.

I hope all is well!

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