Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Glory is Adopted

My one-eyed foster boy Glory is happily living in his new home, loved by all and behaving beautifully with his new family. He even has a blind Boston Terrier sister, with whom he is quickly bonding, they are even sleeping together, and he likes the new parks to which he is being introduced. His human brother and fiancee even drove down to meet him, all in the family! Glory has a wonderful new family, chosen from a record number of applicants, amazing for a seven year old, one eyed dog, with housebreaking issues. His new family is terrific, very dog savvy, caring adults with a nice home in the suburbs and a summer camp in the Catskills, so he'll have lots of fun new experiences. 
Although sad for me to say goodbye, I am consoled knowing that he has such a great home. My resident BT beauty, Abigail, is pleased to have her human all to herself, which will probably end soon when a new foster BT arrives.
And I received the nicest thank you note from the daughter of his former owner for taking good care of Glory and being very careful in his placement.
Below is a picture of Glory, red collar, with his new sister Bella

Jeanne Dross, aka Rosie's mom, mother of former SNORTer Brune, and foster mother to Glory
Albany NY

Thats such a wonderful story - congratulations!!

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