Monday, September 15, 2014

New Fosters Daisy and Winston

My husband went and picked up Winston and Daisy yesterday.  He spent most of the day with them getting to know them and making sure to earn their trust.   Today I've been with them all morning. They're actually adjusting very well.   Daisy had some accidents yesterday, but I'm going to assume just from stress.   Today we're accident free.  
These two are such big cuddle bugs.  They love attention. And don't worry, Winston will definitely let you know if you're not giving him enough (he's a big cry baby).  He whimpers a lot and might need some help with his manners.  He loves to take the attention away from Daisy to make sure he's getting it all.  But he sure is a ham!  You would never guess he's 11! He has as much energy as my 2 year old Boston.  
Daisy is 13 and is a little love bug. She likes to sleep a lot but when you have to deal with Winston all day I don't blame her. Lol. I have some concerns about her eyes.(But I'll leave that up to the vet) She is blind in one eye and the other is very cloudy like a lot of older Bts.  But she gets around just fine.  She loves her tennis ball as well! She's so content just sitting there with a tennis ball in her mouth.  She'll play fetch too! 
These two are definitely two peas in a pod. 

Courtney Kautz

Huge thanks to you and Joe for springing into action to get these two, Courtney!

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