Friday, September 26, 2014

New Foster Maisy

A new girl has arrived!  Maisy, a seven year old BT, had an emergency landing in Albany last night.  She is a very sweet, gentle BT, seven years old, housebroken.  A big girl and markedly overweight, but very well cared for and loved, she's adjusting quickly to my condo.  Abigail, my tiny BT, is not happy, demonstrating her ownership of the environs and me.  Being so gentle, Maisy backed off, but when we went to bed, she decided to throw her weight around by sitting on top of Abigail to get her to move so she could appropriate the best spot on the bed, next to my head on the pillow.

Maisy gets along with children, humans, and other dogs, non-barker, very well behaved.  Is sleeping happily on the couch when not following me from room to room.  She likes being on me or next to me.  Loves to play, especially fetch, appropriated Abigail's toys so we could play.

She came with no supplies, so you'll be seeing a wish list on Amazon for lots of things.  No vet records available, her wellness exam is scheduled for next week; the only thing I know is that she has been spayed.
Unusual history: she lived with the family of a Korean businessman in the NYC Metro area, they had returned to South Korea to renew their US visa (required every five years by US government), leaving Maisy with the business attache' of their government and anticipating a return within a month.  The visa extension was rejected by the US State Department so they cannot return, leaving him with responsibility for finding a place for her.
Living in a housing cooperative with no dogs permitted, the attache' convinced the manager to let him keep her until the owners returned or he could find a new home.  A very kind man, he refused to leave her at a shelter because the various shelters he tried would not guarantee that she would be adopted or live if not placed.  So he took two days off from work, driving from place to place to find a safe home.  Finally he found NEBTR yesterday, Jerrilyn, our super intake coordinator, contacted me in the afternoon for emergency placement, and he drove up immediately from New Jersey to deliver her to Albany NY.  He started to cry when he surrendered her, explaining that Maisy was the first dog he had ever lived with and had grown very attached; I have promised to keep him updated on her progress and placement, assuring him that she was safe with us, we did not put down dogs.

When she settles in, I'll get some pictures of her.

I'm so excited, this is my third foster.  Long term members know that my previous doggy daughter, Rosie, was a canine sociopath so I was unable to foster.  My beloved old girl died last year, at 15+, so now I'm finally able to foster, it's so much fun, makes me very happy when I place a kid in a wonderful new home, though sad when my fosters are adopted.

Jeanne Dross, aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail, foster mother of Maisy
Albany NY

You rock Jeanne!!! Thank you for opening your home and heart for Maisy!!

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Unknown said...

Thank you for opening your home to her! I live in Troy and would like to help get her the supplies she needs. When will you post the list? Also, how do I fill out an application for her? I'm new to your blog. Thank you!