Sunday, September 21, 2014

Update on Delilah

Delilah is a very brave and curious girl!  Which is good and bad because she's like a puppy!  She is learning we are trying to communicate with her.  She knows her name and almost has 'sit' and 'no'.  Of course NO manners or idea of how to behave.  But she is doing remarkably well, not nearly as shy as I expected. She is a cuddler!  When she's ready to relax she now can jump up on the couch and curls up.  Then she's like a lump and won't move!  
She is great with my dogs.  But is very interested in my cats.  She seems to have a high prey drive so I am keeping them separate.  She is very intense with stuffed toys and has to have it.  I have 2 stuffed BTs that sit on Ozzy's crate, she spotted them and went crazy climbing on crates to get them.  She was confused when she got it.  I think she thought they were real puppies :(
She went to the vet they said she's about 6 yrs old. The lump in her belly is a hernia that will be fixed when she gets spayed next week. Most of her teeth are broken :(  When checking out, there was a poster of a dog's face at her level on the wall.  She thought it was a real dog!  She was pawing at it and wiggling.  She is a real sweetheart.
Pics: Ozzy teaching her to look out the window; amazed by a guitar; sleeping

Morgan Pa

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