Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Becky Says Thanks

Becky has been with us for a little more than a week now.
She has been seen by the vet, and the internal medicine vet specialist, where she had an abdominal ultrasound.  Her blood work was not remarkable.   Her liver is enlarged, but there is no definitive diagnosis, so we are watching her.  Her belly is very distended, and at times seems very uncomfortable.  BUT she eats like a Boston, and is drinking normally. 
Its hard to imagine that she would have spent her last days or hours in a kill shelter, when I see how sweet she is.  She lets us know when she has to go out, and comes in and rests.
She received a package from NEBTR with a toy and some chewies.
I've attached some photos to say thanks to everyone who has donated to her, and for all of the positive thoughts that have been sent her way.
Loretta Dolan
Manalapan NJ

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