Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update on Tootsie, Now Lucy

I wanted to pass along an update on Lucy (aka Tootsie) so that you could hear how she's doing and maybe pass it along to your blog people as an update.  Attached are some photos as well!

I can't believe it's been 5 months today since we picked up Lucy at your house.  She is such a friendly, sweet and happy girl!  She is certainly a wild child as well...afraid of absolutely nothing.  The complete opposite of our first Boston, Simon.  It took a bit of time, but Simon and Lucy get along pretty well.  Some days, Lucy can be quite annoying to Simon, but he puts her in her place, which is always funny to see. 

Lucy did her Level 1 training class at dog school, and she did very well.  We would love to teach them both how to play flyball, but unfortunately there aren't any places near us.  But don't worry, they get plenty of play time!!

Lucy has made lots of puppy friends too!  We go play nearly every evening with our boxer friends down the road, and as the only girl, Lucy gets LOTS of attention from the boxers.  She loves to stand by the fence watching for bunnies and squirrels so she can bark and cry at them.  We also go to Boston Terrier meet ups with Boston Terrier Lehigh Valley and both Simon and Lucy love hanging out with their own kind.  Such a great group of people...if anyone wants to come out to meet ups, direct them to the Boston Terrier Lehigh Valley Facebook page.  They just had their Halloween meet up this past Sunday, and Lucy won for cutest costume as Batgirl. 

We absolutely adore Lucy and are so glad we were able to bring her into our home. 

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