Monday, December 29, 2014

New Foster Hattie

I just wanted to update everyone on Hattie.

She is one of the three that were surrendered by the backyard breeder in Rochester after an attack on one of her other dogs; she's the one with 3 legs. Joan and Jess drove hours yesterday to get her out of the shelter before Xmas! (I had the shortest drive time at 3 hours to give perspective! Thank you ladies!)

Anyhow, Hattie is settling in nicely. She was just spayed on Monday, so I am keeping her very confined. It makes it a no brainer to keep her separated from the other dogs. When you come close to her, she wiggles her whole back end. It's so cute! She seems very gentle and loving. She likes squeaky balls and chewies.
I've picked her up to get her in and out of the car, but I've been trying to limit that now due to her incision. She is wonderous the way she gets around on just three legs. She has to hop rather than walk. She manages the stairs in and out of my home to use the restroom. She's truly amazing! Again, I've been limiting this activity to the minimum because she was just spayed.

I can't even guess how she lost her leg. It is healed so well, it must have been years ago- despite the fact that she's only 3 years 11 months. She came with AKC papers, so it seems that is all that the former owners cared about- breeding her, missing leg or not.

Last but not least, she came with nothing but a tiny collar. I would like to set up a wish list for her if anyone can point me in the right direction. She could really use a harness, dog bed, and squeaky toys. I'm glad her life of breeding is behind her. Send this little lady lots of love!

Sandee Herrington

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