Sunday, December 4, 2011

Success Story Papi

Papi's new family, Bill and Deborah

Papi and his two foster moms, Mary Liberty and Robin Leone

Papi's new family, Bill and Deborah

Papi and his new sister Tara

Papi arrived in rescue in May 2011. He was found in an abandoned building in NYC, and had to survive on the streets, although he is an older gent at approximately 9 years. He also has medical challenges - Papi has luxating lenses in both eyes and will require meds for the rest of his life.

Papi’s 1st foster home was with Mary Liberty in Owego, NY but in September 2011 Mary lost her home to a flood and Papi was moved to Robin Leone in Syracuse, NY.

Deborah Dolan and Bill Delaney were the first applicants to specifically apply for Papi. As soon as Robin talked to Deborah she knew this was the perfect place for her baby. Papi’s happy ending had finally arrived. Robin asked Deborah what made her choose him and she said she felt an instant connection to him.

Papi was adopted on a snowy Saturday in October 2011 to Deborah and Bill (the adoption took place during that crazy snowstorm on the East coast). Papi now lives on Long Island with Deborah, Bill and his new BT sister, Tara. Papi bonded very quickly with his new family and as you can see by the picture he loves his new sister. Deborah tells me they play all the time and are always kissing each other.

What a wonderful ending to a little boy who used to live on the streets in NYC!

Deborah Dolan gives us a further update:

"Ok, so for an update on Papi -

Not only do Bill and I love Papi, but he was a big hit with relatives at Thanksgiving! We are so glad we adopted him. We can't believe how active he is - he and Tara choose one of many toys each day, and play "take-away the toy" with each other all day with that one toy. They are both exhausted by evening.

Papi starts the night-time bed routine by laying on top of our comforter, but then joins Tara under the covers. She lays by our legs, and he lays against our torsos. Papi used to jump out of bed in the morning, but has now joined Tara in being a lazy bum and stays in bed.

In the later evening, Bill and I usually sit and watch some TV and they both cuddle up with one of us. The other night we were home but were doing lots of things in the house. Papi kept following us around and "talking" and I later realized that he was upset that we hadn't sat down on the couches so he could snuggle. As soon as we sat down, he stopped "talking" and cuddled up. We go for a lot of walks - Papi loves that. He and Bill also have a real male bonding thing going on.

Thank you Mary and Robin for taking such good care of him - I think your care is why he was so ready and able to settle in with us.


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